We are building the NIU ``FLUX`` hotel in Passau with wooden modules

Our new flagship project is the construction of a new hotel in Passau, which is being built in collaboration with the NIU hotel chain. THE NIU “FLUX” is being built from prefabricated wooden modules, which are already produced with all components in our factory in Naila. In addition to ceilings and walls, each module is already equipped with doors, windows, electronics, flooring, tiles, sanitary facilities and installations as standard. For this hotel project, we are even going one step further and supplying the individual hotel rooms fully furnished (bed, lamps, wardrobe, desk). The hotel will offer a total of 150 rooms on four floors.

Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication of the modules, we can significantly shorten the construction period and considerably reduce the costs of the work on site. The timber modules are made of solid 12cm CLT panels, which guarantee high stability and durability and come from our new CLT plant in Hermsdorf.

With this project, we can show how modern timber construction can contribute to the German government’s climate targets and the Paris Climate Agreement. We see this property as a milestone for further projects in this direction.

Key data on the building:

– Production start of module construction: 19 February 2024
– Up to 4 modules/day are to be produced in 2-shift operation
– 108 modules / room on the 1st – 3rd floor (ground floor is made of concrete)
– 42 additional modules on the top floor
– One room = one module (incl. bathroom with toilet/washbasin/shower)
– 108 modules up to the 3rd floor are to be completed by the end of April

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