Our new addition on campus: The ZIEGLER WORLD

Our latest building on the administrative campus at Betzenmühle is a true home-grown development. It was planned and realised by our internal planning department and our craftsmen. Step by step, the 2023 architecture took shape – 46 x 16 metres, an impressive testament to the creativity of our own colleagues, who poured their passion into every detail.

In addition to cosy seating areas, the upper floor contains a well-equipped industrial kitchen, which makes the upper floor a daily destination for many hungry colleagues. In addition to the canteen inside, a 110m² terrace invites you to take a relaxed lunch break in the open air during the warmer months. Those who want to be productive can simply book into the neighbouring “Blaufichte” meeting room.

On the ground floor, four bowling alleys invite colleagues to play a match. All in all, the new location is perfect for team building, concentrated work or larger events.

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