FSC certification for our sawmill in Sebes

We are proud to announce that another part of our group of companies has been awarded the FSC certificate. Following a successful audit by an independent third party, the FSC Chain of Custody certificate has been awarded. To our sawmill in Sebes in Romania.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international discussion platform. Although its members come from different interest groups, they all pursue one goal: fair use of the forest worldwide. The Chain of Custody certification shows that every company in the product chain, from the forest to the end customer, ensures that FSC-certified materials remain identifiable at all times.


ZG TIMBER SEBES SRL also complies with all the necessary rules. The ZIEGLER GROUP integrated the Romanian sawmill in Sebes into the Group in August 2023. Romania is home to the last primeval forests in Europe. This is why the timber trade in Romania is repeatedly criticised. For us at the ZIEGLER GROUP, a fair approach to timber is very important. That is why we have actively campaigned for the certification of the plant since its integration.

FSC-certified product chains fulfil 10 principles with 70 criteria.

These include compliance with the law. The protection of labour rights and the local population. They ensure the performance of forests, protect rare species and ecosystems. They ensure the increase of mixed forests and pay attention to the protection of the forest soil.

We fully identify with the principles and criteria of the FSC.
This is the only way to realise our vision: forests for ever, for all.

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