We support the forest at every stage.

With our service portfolio we don't just ensure that the timber is in the right place at the right time, but also take care of tree planting in treeless areas by sowing or planting seedlings.

We provide you as the owner of the forest with a wide range of trees.
Cooperation with highly efficient partners enables you to benefit from short delivery times and top-quality trees.

A wide range of forestry machinery is available for preparing the ground. Depending on requirements planting is carried out manually or with machinery.

Care of plantations

Looking after young trees is implemented in accordance with the growth features of the types of tree involved and the care programme which has been drawn up.

In looking after the young plantations the aim is to enable them to grow to a high-quality, robust and valuable stock of trees in the required mixture for subsequent harvesting.

Benefit from our plantation care operations:

Growth promotion
Care of young trees and thickets