You, too, can benefit from our long-standing experience.

Thanks to our many years of experience we are familiar with the market, know how much timber is available at any given time and what the price trends are.

As the owner of the timber you receive the best possible yield for every individual tree trunk, thus optimising your earnings.

In addition you benefit from our excellent contacts with large-scale customers for all products. This enables us to market any types of wood which are available. Regardless of whether it is purchased for stock or for immediate use, we ensure that your timber reaches the customer as fast as possible.

We invite you to benefit from our network and our first-class contacts with major customers, enabling us to guarantee the fast and uncomplicated marketing of your timber. You are also provided with the security that you will receive payment within a very short time.

The days are past when your wood lay unused and there was a long waiting time before payment was received. The timber is transported within a maximum of 14 days after processing.