Absolutely modern, timber-conserving and fast - thanks to an experienced team.

Regardless of the type of logging required – our experienced team is skilled in all logging operations. Whether the harvesting of the wood is manual, partly mechanised or fully mechanised – our specialists have the right tools for every operation.

They are supported by the latest machinery, which guarantee operations which conserve the timber and existing trees. Our highly modern harvesters and transport machinery ensure a harvesting process which is efficient and above all conserves timber stocks. And the best feature is that nothing remains of the trees - the ground is left clean and tidy once more. From the trunk to the treetop – we make use of everything. Clean, fast and reliable.

In transporting the timber a lot of high-tech machinery is also applied. Regardless of the transport process you require – we are guaranteed to have the right vehicle.

And by the way: for us highly modern also means highly professional. This is why we have been awarded the PEFC™ certificate for sustainable forestry operations.

It's also worth knowing that you can take advantage of our services such as the logging and transport of timber, even if you wish to take care of the marketing and sales operations yourself.