When it’s action that matters there’s no need for lots of words.

ZIEGLER GROUP is a logistics company. Our roots are in processing timber, a demanding job which requires clear rules. Excessively slow action is punished by nature just as much as rashly going it alone. You need to be able to rely on each other - at all times. 

In six decades the Ziegler sawmill has developed into the largest operation of its kind in Europe. In spite of this strong growth and the addition of the logistics division ZIEGLER GROUP has remained a family enterprise, which is owner-managed to the present day. A rarity in this industry. 

From logging via timber processing to transport and logistics, ZIEGLER GROUP has not simply adopted the values of reliable, fault-free work as its corporate philosophy. These values are also put into practice on a daily basis.

And this operating ethos has been anchored in our latest corporate division from the very beginning. ZIEGLER AMBIENTE focuses on the production and sale of decorative materials of all kinds - and although these are much smaller products, reliability and trust form the basis for all business relationships here, too.

As with the rest of ZIEGLER GROUP, we don’t just talk about quality. We deliver it. And of course this is appreciated by our customers worldwide.